Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Homework before an Interview | Interview Tips

The Homework before an Interview|The Wrinkled Resume|Interview tips from Experience
When you get a call from a recruitment agency informing you that your resume has been shortlisted for a job, and you require to go for the interview on the same day, do not readily agree to do so. It is very important to take some time for doing an interview homework, before you actually go to the venue. Ask the caller, if it is possible for him or her to schedule the interview to another day. If yes, ask the agent to send in the job description, the venue, and the website link of the recruiting company.

An ideal interview homework is a systematic approach to analyze the job offer and prepare well for an interview. There are four steps in an effective interview homework-

1. Learning about the Company and their requirements.
2. Analyzing the Offer
3. Locating the Venue and Planning the Travel
4. Preparing the Mind for the Interview

 The first step to take when you have been shortlisted for that all-important job interview, is to gather as much information about the prospective employer as possible. You should have a clear idea about their products or services as well as their financial status in the current global and local market. You can surf through their official website for the information that they want everyone to know. Make sure that you go through all their blogs and news and gather as much information about the offered position and its scope. You can also use Google to fish out any missing information regarding the company. These information will come in handy when the interviewer asks you if you know anything about their business. This is indeed the best way to impress your interviewer.

Once you have a clear idea of what the company is all about, it is time for you to analyze the job offer. Most companies disclose the salary range prior to the interview. You should check this against the current going-rate the position has in the market. Also keep in mind your experience and skills when you decide on your rate. If you find the offer reasonable, you may begin preparing for the interview.

Now that you have decided to go for the interview, the next step is to locate the venue and plan the travel. Most people don't make it to the interview in time because of the lack of proper planning the day before. Lack of punctuality is a real deal killer at most interviews. So, it is extremely important for you to plan ahead before an interview. You can use Google Maps for locating the interview venue and travel planning. Once you have a plan, you will be free of the unnecessary transportation stress that you may have otherwise.

Now that you have everything planned and set, you should prepare your mind and focus on the interview. Prepare well what you do best, so that you can present yourself as the best they can get. Don't make the mistake of last minute preparations. This can cripple your mind when you actually face the interview. Be relaxed before and during the interview. The Mind works best when relaxed.